Carbon Bike Specialists

Have a carbon bike-related question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

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What should I do if my bike is broken?

Go to our website, send us a contact form, and include pictures of the damaged area. Our carbon bike repair team will contact you and provide a quote.

We understand how important getting your bike fixed can be. According to Yahoo Finance, exclusively riding a bike saves you $1,568 on gas annually, so we will make sure to get your bike to you as soon as possible.

Can you check if my bike is safe to ride again after a crash or accident?

Yes. We offer health checks which include ultrasound scans and non-destructive testing to ensure your bike is safe to ride. Our experienced carbon bike repair specialists complete all scans before sending you a comprehensive report of findings. To book a health check, please email us at contact@carbonbikespecialists.com and we will email back with the next steps.

How do I send my bike?

Please ensure that your bike is completely stripped of parts before shipping your frame to the address below. We recommend using Bike Flights for shipping. Our carbon bike repair specialists typically have a turnaround time of three days for repairs and six days for repairs/paintwork. The time can extend depending on the complexity of the repair or paintwork. We also offer a rush 24-hour repair if you need your frame back sooner.
Please include your name, address, and phone number when shipping.
Carbon Bike Specialists
39 Blockhouse Rd
Willsboro, NY 12996

Is it safe to repair my bike?

Repairs are made to the specifications of the component. Only qualified carbon bike repair technicians should repair your bike. Unless otherwise stated, our repairs come with a lifetime warranty for the owner and a one-year warranty for the paintwork.
Please contact us for the full warranty terms and conditions.

After the repair, how close is it to the original?

Carbon bike repair and restoring bicycle paintwork differ from the auto industry, where paint codes and suppliers are known. Even if paint codes are known, no two paints, when mixed, are exactly the same.
We color-match by eye, considering factors such as:
-Type of paints and lacquers used previously.
-Paint effects (gloss, matt, pearlescent, candy colors, metal flakes, glitter, etc.)
-Age of the bike
-UV exposure
Our quality control (QC) policy aims for 95% to 98% unless we specify beforehand that certain designs or paintwork are not replicable. In most cases, our restorations fall between 98% to 100%. All artworks are original or precise replications that we create in-house.